We have more than 10 years of experience in supply chain logistics. We found lack of counseling, consulting, care and foresight between the importer/ exporter and everyone involved. We inform to you, with a practical language all movements that entails the supply chain
IMPOEXPORTA is your solution for International Commerce.

We offer consulting, training, implementation and management, for logistics and international commerce, becoming on your logistics office and important part of your supply chain, optimizing your process, reducing cost and deliver your products in time.

We have lot of experience and the ability to offer door to door service, we analyze and advise to you the feasibility to import or export any product.

IMPOEXPORTA offers logistic services around the world, we are strategically located in México, Caribbean, and China. Also we have dependable partners around the world.

This is a good option for your shipments of samples, congress, or minimum orders. If you don’t fills a container we offer this option to you.

We present you the next information, for different logistics process you may have.

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